National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council Limited
  • 2015 Meat Industry Training Awards
  • 2015 Meat Inspection and Quality Assurance Conference
  • 2015 Industry Network Meetings
  • Recognised Accredited Professional Development Training
  • 2015 National Meat Retail Trainer's Conference
  • Report on the National Meat Industry Training Conference
  • Kickstart scholarships
  • Meat Industry Leadership Development Program

  MINTRAC is a company which represents the industry on training matters.

MINTRAC's role is to improve the skills of workers in the industry through the provision of recognised and accredited training from entry level through to senior management.
  MINTRAC provides services to the red meat, pork and game meat industries.

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  Meetings and Events  
  These meetings and events help to facilitate communication between industry and regulators, help companies access industry funded training and identifying training requirements. MORE...  

  Professional Development workshops  
  MINTRAC is running various Professional Development workshops for 2015. MORE...  

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  This website has been designed specifically for meat industry supervisors. MORE...