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Information for employers and trainers

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (Apprenticeship Network) replaced Australian Apprenticeships Centres nationally on 1 July 2015

The Australian Government is investing up to $190 million annually in the Apprenticeship Network to make it easier for employers to recruit, train and retain apprentices and better support individuals to succeed in the proven earning and learning pathway apprenticeships provide.

A total of 11 Apprenticeship Network providers will deliver support services to employers and Australian Apprentices* from more than 420 locations nationally, including in rural and remote areas.

Apprenticeship Network providers will provide advice and support services tailored to the needs of employers and apprentices throughout the apprenticeship lifecycle – from pre-commencement to completion - through:

  • Universal services for all employers and apprentices, providing essential administrative support, payment processing and regular contact; and
  • Targeted services for employers and individuals assessed as needing additional support to complete the apprenticeship.

New pre-commencement services including screening, testing and job-matching will be available to targeted clients to get the right apprentice in the right apprenticeship with the right employer.

New targeted in-training support services, such as mentoring, will help apprentices and employers at-risk of not completing the apprenticeship arrangement to work through issues and difficulties.

Apprenticeship Network providers can also provide assistance to individuals who may be unsuited to an apprenticeship to identify alternative training pathways.

Where can I go for more information?

For more information and advice on all aspects of Australian Apprenticeships, contact your local Apprenticeship Network provideror call the Australian Apprenticeships referral line on 13 38 73. Apprenticeship Network providers are contracted by the Australian Government to provide free Australian Apprenticeships support services to apprentices and employers.

If you are a school student thinking of starting an Australian Apprenticeship while still at school, your school careers adviser should be your first point of call for information on Australian Apprenticeships.

*In some states, Australian Apprenticeships are known as apprenticeships and traineeships. In the ACT and the NT they are referred to as Australian Apprenticeships.

Strategies for supporting trainees

It is important to remember that most trainees are new to the industry, and in fact are probably new to any sort of job or working environment. It would be a mistake to assume that they have the same work habits, expectations, and knowledge, and capabilities as the rest of your workforce. Often they are young, and part of a completely different generation to managers, supervisors and other more experienced employees.

Some strategies for Trainers and Training Managers to provide more support to and for trainees might include the following.

  • Make sure Trainers and Managers know each trainee by name and the trainees feel a part of the organisation.
  • Give trainees an overview of the industry and what their role is.
  • Explain why something needs to be done.
  • Monitor new trainees for problems such as fatigue, muscle soreness, strains.
  • Give trainees a workplace 'buddy'.
  • Provide trainees with at least one day of dedicated induction training.
  • Be honest about career pathways in the organisation.
  • Make sure Trainers and Managers are approachable, and respectful of trainees.
  • Make sure supervisors and leading hands know who trainees are.
  • Make sure other employees don’t undermine company attempts to make trainees feel welcome.
  • It is important to implement strategies and policies such as those outlined above early in the traineeship.

Download the "Strategies for supporting trainees" (PDF) for more information.

Useful links for employers of trainees

Australian Apprenticeships - The national Australian Apprenticeships website. - This website is a very good resource for anyone wanting information about training and traineeships. It is very clear, easy to read and follow. Particularly good for people who are new to training and traineeships. - A good site for finding out information about training packages, qualification and training providers.

NSW State Training Services - Apprenticeships and Traineeships specific site, good for RTOs or employers, as well as trainees who are interested in legislation and/or the responsibilities of parties in a traineeship.

Department of Education and Training - QLD - This Queensland government page is relevant for employers and trainees. In particular there are lots of newsletters that can be viewed and downloaded.