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Eddie Andriessen Award – Congratulations to the inaugural winner Clive Richardson

Clive Richardson with Trophy

Meat industry training stalwart Clive Richardson, was announced the recipient of the inaugural Eddie Andriesson Award at the recent MINTRAC Meat Inspection and Quality Assurance conference.

The Eddie Andriessen Award was set up to recognise Eddie Andriessen’s services to the meat industry as well as to acknowledge the services and skills of meat inspectors and quality assurance officers and the importance of their role in the Australian meat industry.

Eddie, a retired veterinary surgeon, wrote the Book Meat Safety Quality and Veterinary Public Health, for many years the key text book for meat inspectors. He has also written training and assessment materials for meat inspectors, acted as a consultant during the development of training and assessment materials and been a regular speaker at industry conferences.

Eddie has known Clive for over twenty years ago and is pleased he is the first recipient of the award.

“Clive’s been a devoted supporter of the meat industry for many years” said Eddie. “I’d consider him the founder of quality assurance training in the meat industry and it’s great that he is being recognised for the contribution he has made.”

Clive, senior project officer and primary technical advisor at MINTRAC, has led and guided changes to the training system which have significantly impacted on the meat industry, particularly in the areas of meat inspection and quality assurance.

He helped develop the first nationally accredited qualifications for meat inspectors and quality assurance staff and continues to be involved in developing meat inspection and quality assurance training materials and professional development opportunities.

Recognising the importance of animal welfare in meat processing plants Clive developed the Animal Welfare Skill Set, a qualification that is now standard across the industry. Recently he worked with Charles Sturt University to develop a model for meat inspection training after realising the challenge the industry was facing in recruiting new meat inspectors.

Clive also established the Meat Inspection and Quality Assurance (MI&QA) Network, a state based network of researchers, quality assurance staff, trainers and regulators which has been successfully running for over twenty years.

Eighteen years ago, Clive helped set up the first MI&QA conference, an event that has grown to be one of the largest meat industry conferences in Australia. So it was fitting that Clive was presented with the award during this year’s conference, an award he says should be attributed to the work MINTRAC has done on behalf of the industry.

“All the network meetings, conferences, training materials and initiatives MINTRAC has worked on over the years has been for the benefit of the industry and this award is recognition of that,” Clive said.