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2014 Meat Industry Trainer of the year

Martin Paynter, TAFE NSW SWSi

“I decided that as a teaching section we had to move forward into the 21st Century and use the latest technology. I feel it is very important for the meat industry as a whole to have dedicated Teachers and Trainers/ Assessors, so the meat industry can move forward. For any business to be successful they must invest in the future, and by investing in training they are ensuring they will remain viable and competitive for many years to come.”

2014 Meat Industry Training Initiative Award
Gundagai Meat Processors

“Gundagai Meat Processors (GMP) are in the process of developing a plant wide training system, incorporating quality, personal safety, customer satisfaction and food safety. The new GMP training system will integrate safety, work instructions, training, assessment and QA to ensure that they remain interdependent and not independent of each other.”

2014 Meat industry Vocational Student of the Year Award
David Bridge, Gundagai Meat Processors

“Having undergone such extensive leadership learning over the last four years, I have discovered a new way of viewing the world and the experience and outcomes cannot be understated. Knowing how important learning is to me has given me a new perspective on the development of my team.”

2014 Meat industry Training Provider of the Year Award
Independent Institute of Food Procedssing

“IIFP has increased its team of Associate Trainers and Assessors, which now is a group of 18. This provides our students access to the expertise, skills and knowledge from qualified, experienced in cross industry areas, and extremely passionate individuals.”

2014 Meat Industry Employer of the Year Award
Fletcher International Pty Ltd (WA)

“Fletcher International WA is Australia’s largest and most integrated sheep/lamb textile and meat processor, exporting both chilled and frozen product to over 100 countries around the world. An investment in training is an investment in the continued development of the business. A well trained workforce is a key for increasing quality and efficiency.”