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National Meat Retail Trainers Conference


  • Mercure Gold Coast Resort


  • 8 and 9 September 2016


  • 2016 Conference Presentions
  • 2016 National Meat Retail Trainers' Conference Report

    The butcher shop of the future was a clear theme of the recent meat retailing conference.
    Several presenters highlighted developments where butcher shops are becoming the new corner store, with multiple bakery and other products available to complement meat purchases. Butcher shops combined with coffee shops, restaurants and other gourmet products were also showcased

    Value-added products were also highlighted, with a wide range of creative ideas from recent competitions, Australian businesses and overseas featured.

    A key highlight was the apprentice competition for a place in the Australian team for the Work Butcher apprentice competition in 2017.

    Congratulations to Jimmy Neville and Caleb Sundquist who gained positions in the Australian team – and also to the three other contestants who were certainly worthy contenders.

      Jimmy Neville  
      Caleb Sundquist  
      All five competitors  
      The end results