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Food Services

What career options are available in food services?

Food services is a mixture of meat retailing and meat processing. The food service sector provides career opportunities in traditional meat retail shops, meat departments in supermarkerts, or abattoir boning rooms which specialise in producing value added meat products.

When training in Food Services you will learn about health, safety, hygiene, quality and productivity. Depending on the units you select, you may also train in knife sharpening, value-adding, bandsaw operation, product testing, plus many more.

How do I get started on my career in food services?

The first step to starting a career in food services is to find out about job opportunities, traineeships and apprenticeships.

Below is a list of websites to help you get started.

Once you have accepted a job, your employer will organise your traineeship for you.

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Your career pathway may take you into supervisor or management roles by continuing your training to gain a qualification in Leadership.


Links to useful job information websites



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