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National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council Limited

About Us

Structure and Organisation

MINTRAC is governed by a Board of Directors representing the Meat Industry. The Board includes representatives of:

  • the peak employer body, Australian Meat Industry Council.
  • the meat industry union, the Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union.
  • meat processing plants
  • the Australian Meat Processor Corporation.

MINTRAC is staffed from its office in Drummoyne, an inner western suburb of Sydney. In addition, a Project Officer operates out of Canberra.

All work is carried out in association with representatives of the industry. There are both formal and informal opportunities for industry input. Formal opportunities for participation are provided through membership of reference groups for each training project and the industry network meetings. On an informal level MINTRAC Project Officers are on the road visiting meat plants and industry representatives are encouraged to contact MINTRAC staff at any time on training matters.

Organisational charts follow that depict MINTRAC's structure.


AMIC AMIEU Meat Processing Plants AMPC
(Australian Meat
Industry Council)
(Australasian Meat Industry
Employees' Union)
  (Australian Meat
Processor Corporation)

Board of Directors

AMPC Employer Association Members Union Members General Members
  • Brian James
  • John Hughes
    Consultant, Chairman

  • Kevin Cottrill
    Australian Meat Industry Council
  • Geoff Yarham
    Australian Country Choice
  • Laurie Tobin
    Rivalea Australian
  • Matt Journeaux

  • Grant Courtney

  • Graham Smith
    AMIEU Federal Secretary
  • Kerry Johnson
    Teys Australia


Chief Executive Officer
Jenny Kroonstuiver


Senior Project Officer Project Officer Project Officer
Clive Richardson (Canberra based) Rachel Murrell Fiona Gojan
Office Manager Training and
Products Administrator
Irene Parker Tania Minehan