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National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council Limited

About Us

Strategic Plan

MINTRAC Strategic direction

MINTRAC’s vision

MINTRAC will lead the meat industry in matters relating to education, training and R&D extension through a close relationship with industry peak organisations, meat and training regulatory bodies.

MINTRAC mission

MINTRAC will provide highly-valued products and services to the Australian Meat Industry in the areas of education and training, and in the extension of industry research and development.
We are innovative and adaptable, anticipating and responding to emerging industry needs and global challenges.

MINTRAC core values

MINTRAC is committed to:
1. innovation and excellence
2. provide efficient and accurate customer service
3. inspire, educate and support our customers.

MINTRAC strategy towards 2020

  • MINTRAC will continue to represent the meat industry on matters related to education and training.

  • – MINTRAC will provide advice to State and Federal governments in relation to industry training priorities and requirements for the purposes of ensuring equitable access to public funding for training.
    – MINTRAC will maintain the Australian Meat Industry Training Package to ensure it continues to meet emerging industry requirements in a timely and appropriate manner.
    – MINTRAC will provide timely, accurate and efficient training and education advice and support services to its customers.

  • MINTRAC will strengthen relationships with meat industry stakeholders as the preferred provider of education, training and extension services for the purpose of leveraging the strengths of those organisations.

  • – Not all activities will be directly profitable but the combination of initiatives will benefit the red meat industry in the long run.
    – Initiatives include giving input to the prioritisation of areas where new training and research is necessary, exploring how to make research findings more accessible and implementable to businesses, and exploring with industry organisations other types and modes of training that can be of benefit to the industry and others.
    – The focus will be on new and innovative extension and training services and products that will be to the benefit to the meat industry.

  • MINTRAC will expand its customer base.

  • – It will deliver existing services to new customers in non-competitive industries and elsewhere in the meat industry supply chain. Further, as new industries, customers and markets are acquired ideas can be shared and innovation sped up to the benefit of all.
    – Potential new customers within the meat industry supply chain include AHA, MLA, Skills Impact and Industry Peak Councils.
    – Other industries that can be investigated include: Dairy, Horticulture, Grains Industry, Poultry, Seafood, other RDC's and Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs).

  • MINTRAC will find new ways to leverage the existing cost base:

  • MINTRAC will actively search for innovative ways to leverage existing cost base. It does not mean that MINTRAC has been sluggish in cost-cutting attempts; simply that it may be possible to find new synergies once the company is focused on generating the most value from the current cost base. It may also consider the type of skills provided within the current employee base and may require upskilling or recruiting other skills to support value creation.

    For a copy of the full strategy plan including an introduction from the Chairman of the MINTRAC board please click here