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National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council Limited

About Us

Capability Statement


MINTRAC is internationally recognised for its expertise in developing training and professional development solutions to Australian meat industry business development requirements. MINTRAC is an independent national company at the forefront of innovation in skills and training, with strong links to Industry and Registered Training Organisations. Managed by a meat industry Board of Directors, the organisation has well-established industry relationships and is valued by the industry for its expertise in education and training.

Since its establishment in 1992, MINTRAC has sought to provide highly valued products and services to the Australian Meat Industry in the areas of education and training. MINTRAC prides itself on being innovative and adaptable, anticipating and responding to emerging industry needs and global challenges.

Organisational capability

Based in Sydney, MINTRAC has a full-time staff of six. The combined technical, educational and research capability of the MINTRAC staff draws on many years of experience and high level educational qualifications.

Through its well-established industry networks, communication systems and strong relationships with industry organisations and training providers, MINTRAC has the capability to communicate directly and rapidly with key stakeholders to gather and disseminate information. This capacity, plus a well-earned confidence from the industry enables MINTRAC to represent the industry to government in matters relating to education and training. MINTRAC thus provides a strong voice on behalf of industry in matters relating to funding for training, education policy and the development of industry training priorities.

MINTRAC also has the capacity to rapidly develop and disseminate training responses to industry strategic directions and priorities. Its national focus means that such dissemination is well coordinated, comprehensive and nationally consistent. This includes capability in developing accredited training, training and assessment support materials and professional development programs.

Specific areas of expertise

MINTRAC's specific areas of capability include:

  • development of nationally accredited training, in particular the Australian Meat Industry Training Package
  • development of high-quality national standardised training and assessment resources
  • development of e-learning solutions to industry training and education requirements
  • dissemination of research outcomes through accredited training
  • organisation and management of professional development workshops and programs
  • management of effective and comprehensive industry networks including regular meetings, site visits, forums and conferences
  • efficient, cost effective and high quality project management
  • capacity to provide rapid responses or appropriate referrals to queries from industry personnel and training organisations
  • support for high quality and nationally consistent training and assessment through the industry Registered Training Organisations
  • capacity to undertake industry research projects related to vocational education and training
  • capacity to work with industry organisations to develop appropriate and accepted training solutions to critical issues
  • development of careers promotion resources and services, including industry scholarship programs
  • capacity to represent the industry to government in areas affecting training funding and educational policy
  • management of high quality and well respected leadership development programs.


  • Industry owned
  • Record of success
  • Experienced
  • Internationally respected
  • Industry focussed
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Innovative
  • Responsive

Contact information

Telephone: +612 9819 6699
Facsimile: +612 9819 6099